Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The places I have worked...

WS Industries (Dec-1992 to Apr-1995 ):
My first job. I was very fortunate to get this job within very few interviews. That means a lot to a fresher before the IT boom in India.
Very bad experience except for some very good friendships. Managers over there were horrible. I quit the company at the right time thanks to the course done at “Brilliant” Software Training Institute.

Accord (May-1995 to Apr-1995) : http://www.accord-soft.com
Wonderful people. The company was run like a family business by a close gang of 6 people.

I got salary hike every month. (yes. every month). My life has changed for ever.Dedicated staffs were working on ambitious GPS project.

I should some day start a company like these people.

Deutsche Software ( May-1996 to Oct-1996 ): http://www.db.com

What a life!!! Traveling in business class. Nice Food and beverages served at the table. Games and riddles to play with. Talented people around and very little work ( at the beginning). My software career flourished here. I was very creative and eager to learn and people loved me. I was doing primarily Oracle Reports and then on to PL/SQL. My first overseas trip to Singapore.

Eutech ( Dec-1996 to May-2000 ): http://www.ecyber.com
I learnt a lot. Interesting mgmt team with ambitious goals and lots of good friends. Some people liked me a lot and some of them hated me a lot . My leadership skills and analytical skills grew a lot.
I had the life time opportunity to travel lots of places and meet with lots of interesting people and implement lots of different projects. You can see how many times I used “lots of” in the previous sentence and see how excited I am.
I really enjoyed a lot. I declined an offer from a Big Multi National for this sake.

iOrmyx ( June-2000 to OCT-2000 ) : http://www.iormyx.com
very short span. Difficult time in moving from Singapore to USA and iORMYX made it worse for me. With determination I put everyting behind and bought a ticket to USA and landed here. It was a nightmare. But quickly I got into a project and some good people around to support ( transportation, advise, accommodation).Quickly become the tech. leader in the project at onecore Got offers from OneCore , Cap Gemini and Microsoft and joined Microsoft.

Microsoft ( Oct-2000 to Till Date ) : http://www.microsoft.com
Challenging and rewarding environment. So far so good.My projects have been so far well recognized and widely popular internally. But still I feel I have achieved very little at Microsoft and trying to recharge my batteries to propel higher. Always looking for the right opportunity to realize my FULL potential.

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